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Line Isolation Monitors

Isolated Power provides protection for both the patient and staff against electrical shock. Line Isolation Monitors from PG LIFELINK continuously monitor the Isolated Power System in the operating room and detects any faults immediately.

UPDATE your Isolated Power Panels with NEW TECHNOLOGY! Improve your Operating Room performance with the NEW Mark V LIM from PG LIFELINK. The MARK V Line Isolation Monitor represents a giant leap for the isolated power industry. This device was designed with the user in mind. Enhanced features and improved functionality make this the most flexible LIM on the market today.

NFPA-99 requires yearly testing of Isolated Power Panels. Your analog line isolation monitor requires monthly testing. Upgrade to a digital MARK V LIM.

PG LIFELINK's experienced engineering staff can design custom-retro-fit kits to update your facility's outdated equipment.

RETROFIT packages are available for a fraction of the cost of a new installation!

  • All brands and sizes!
  • Short lead times!
  • Low prices!

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Mark IV LIM - Line Isolation Monitors

Mark V LIM

LIM-Connect Software

Mark IV LIM - Line Isolation Monitors

Mark V LIM - Line Isolation Monitors

LIM-Connect™ Software

LIM-Connect™ Software

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Line Isolation Monitor (LIM) Retrofit Kits

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